Debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings

Our team boasts professionalism and know-how, multiple publications and reports in this field, as well as the participation in several conferences on the topic.

We work on the entire national territory through our advisory and assistance services both in judicial and extra-judicial proceedings of debt restructuring and crisis resolution, and in litigations within proceedings.

Our department acts in the interest of all the parties involved in the crisis: debtor, creditor, credit institutions and authorities.

In particular:

  • Consultancy in extra-judicial procedures of standstill/ moratorium and in any typology of negotiation aimed at debt resolution;
  • Consultancy for corporate reorganization;
  • Consultancy for debt restructuring and crisis resolution with the application of judicial tools (voluntary arrangement, arrangement with creditors based on business continuity, on bankruptcy, debt restructuring and tax transaction) and negotiation tools (recovery plan);
  • Assistance in the field of litigation and all its aspects: judicial liquidation and appeal statement, liabilities assessment, revocatory actions, liability actions, claims for compensations.