Litigations, Arbitrations and ADR

Our high specialization allows us to assist clients in national and multi-jurisdictional litigations in the civil, commercial, corporate, baking, and financial field, as well as during national and international arbitrations.

We offer support in both judicial and pre-litigation phases, and in the case of optional and mandatory ADR procedures.

In particular:

  • Assistance during civil litigations (contractual, succession, of civil responsibility, insurance, assets division, etc.);
  • Assistance during national and international arbitration;
  • Assistance during corporate litigations;
  • Assistance during commercial litigations related to several typologies of agreements (sales, supply, bidding processes, leasing, etc.);
  • Assistance during bank and financial litigations, including extra-judicial procedures with the competent authorities (e.g. Banca d’Italia and CONSOB);
  • Assistance and services aimed at credit protection, also in proceedings of enforcement.