Litigations, Arbitrations and ADR

Our high specialization allows us to assist clients in national and multi-jurisdictional litigations in the civil, commercial, corporate, baking, and financial field, as well as during national and international arbitrations.

We offer support in both judicial and pre-litigation phases, and in the case of optional and mandatory ADR procedures.

In particular:

  • Assistance during civil litigations (contractual, succession, of civil responsibility, insurance, assets division, etc.);
  • Assistance during national and international arbitration;
  • Assistance during corporate litigations;
  • Assistance during commercial litigations related to several typologies of agreements (sales, supply, bidding processes, leasing, etc.);
  • Assistance during bank and financial litigations, including extra-judicial procedures with the competent authorities (e.g. Banca d’Italia and CONSOB);
  • Assistance and services aimed at credit protection, also in proceedings of enforcement.

Compliance and Business Consultancy Services

We offer consultancy services to companies also for their operational procedures: contract writing, management of all corporate legal procedures, negotiation, contract stipulation and execution; assistance in business relations, relations with private parties, with authorities and the public administration.

Companies are supplied help for every typology of private commercial contract or act (general sales conditions, sales, bidding processes, commercial leases, supplies, proxies, representation, agencies, informatics) as well as for public contracts or acts (grants, conventions, tenders and tender projects).

EmmeA carries out every activity in the field of business compliance with a particular focus on the preparation, drawing up, and review of corporate documents to be filed for specific procedures; on internal regulations and methods; on managerial proxies, specific policies, organizational models in compliance with legislative decree 231/2001, on whistleblowing and anti-corruption norms, on privacy and on business risk prevention.

In particular:

  • Consultancy in the field of negotiation, drawing-up and management of business contracts;
  • Consultancy in the field of law and information technology;
  • Consultancy in the field corporate compliance;
  • Consultancy and assistance in the relationship with the public administration and supervisory authorities.

Contracts, Corporate operations and M&A

Our client is assisted in the start and in the development of negotiations, as well as in the writing, stipulation and execution of any typology of contract: rental, business or business branch transfer, business operations, transfer of shares and operations on the share capital.

In the field of corporate law, EmmeA is by the side of its clients for any typology of procedure: from the writing of the deed of incorporation, to the transferring of a company and shares, up to the planning and management of extraordinary operations, also among companies belonging to the same group (share capital operations, transformation and re-organization of company’s structure).

EmmeA offers advisory services in the field of acquisitions and of national and international private equity procedures.

The firm boasts a relevant expertise in real estate and relative issues and implications.

In particular:

  • Consultancy for ordinary and extraordinary procedures;
  • Consultancy in the field of corporate governance management;
  • Consultancy in the field of acquisition and transfer of companies and their branches;
  • Consultancy in the field of investment in risk capital;
  • Consultancy in the field of acquisition, management and valorisation of real estate.

Mining Law

EmmeA has acquired a long-standing experience in the sector of mining law and all its phases: preventive, control, regulation and securing.

Our team supplies assistance in the administrative procedures related to the issue, renewal and transfer of authorizations; as well as for risk and solution analysis.

In particular:

  • Due diligence and assistance for agreements, acts and procedures related to mining regulations;
  • Consultancy for the issue, renewal, and transfer of authorizations and grants;
  • Consultancy in the field of environmental and safety regulations.

Debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings

Our team boasts professionalism and know-how, multiple publications and reports in this field, as well as the participation in several conferences on the topic.

We work on the entire national territory through our advisory and assistance services both in judicial and extra-judicial proceedings of debt restructuring and crisis resolution, and in litigations within proceedings.

Our department acts in the interest of all the parties involved in the crisis: debtor, creditor, credit institutions and authorities.

In particular:

  • Consultancy in extra-judicial procedures of standstill/ moratorium and in any typology of negotiation aimed at debt resolution;
  • Consultancy for corporate reorganization;
  • Consultancy for debt restructuring and crisis resolution with the application of judicial tools (voluntary arrangement, arrangement with creditors based on business continuity, on bankruptcy, debt restructuring and tax transaction) and negotiation tools (recovery plan);
  • Assistance in the field of litigation and all its aspects: judicial liquidation and appeal statement, liabilities assessment, revocatory actions, liability actions, claims for compensations.